The Finer Things


Bag: Tiff Manuell Long Clutch in Apollo Print

Phone Case: Mimco (archive, similar here)

Sunglasses:Ray Ban Round Metal

Nail Polish: Sinful Colours King Kylie in Karamel

Hand Cream: Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm

Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Heir

Lip Balm: Go-To Lips

Neck Scarf: Gabiano Silk Scarf in Galaxy


The Slip Dress

Slip Dress Layering

One bad thing about living in Australia is that our seasons don’t match up with America. Obvious, right? But it means us Aussie girls are trying to keep up with the current trends that we are seeing in America, and they don’t always lend themselves to being warm enough for our winter. Like right now, the slip dress is everywhere (cue daydreaming about Kendall Jenner in that Gold Are You Am I Slip Dress), but I’m not about to bare all in this freezing weather so I’ve been layering it up instead.  Continue reading

Holiday Dreaming…

IMG_3934Now that I’ve saved up and splurged all my money on a new car, I’ve moved on to my next saving goal, Europe. The first time I went to Europe was in 2010; I was 16 on a school trip to Italy. It is probably on par as my favourite overseas holiday (New Zealand has the other half of my heart). We went to Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Although all were great to experience, the best had to be Florence and Venice and I definitely want to go back again – being old enough to consume alcohol will make it an entirely different experience I’m sure.

Some other destinations I would love to visit are Paris, Monaco, Cinque Terre, Sorrento, Malta and the Greek Islands.  I have been looking at Contiki and Topdeck tours that go to some of these places to try and save where I can. I am leaning towards a Topdeck tour over Contiki as I would be going with my boyfriend and from what I’ve heard the Contiki tours are more for single party animals (this isn’t to say I wouldn’t be consuming a bottle a day average of wine). If anyone has any tour feedback or destination suggestion let me know, my list is just continuing to grow, so why not add some more to it?

So, as soon as I can stop my shopping addiction and save the copious amounts of money required to be able to visit all these destinations, I’ll be on my way!
Until then, more dreaming….
Europe Inspired Flatlay

Neat Neutrals


As soon as it hits winter I’m always finding I have my black, navy and grey pieces on high rotation. But one combination a really love to dust off from the back of my wardrobe every now and again is my whites and beige’s. Although they scream summer and make you dream of those warmer days; on one of those odd sunny days in winter, I find outfits like this so refreshing.  Continue reading

Frank Body Scrub

IMG_3606About 3 months ago I got a sample of Frank Body Scrub from a goodie bag at Aus Fashion Labels Fashion Friday Event. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I thought I’d give the coffee scrub I’d heard so much about a go. And as it turned out, I only have amazing things to say about it.

After about two and half weeks of using the scrub I started to notice a difference in my skin. As I have really dry skin I started out using it almost daily as a replacement for my old face exfoliating scrub, and still use it that often now. I can definitely tell if I haven’t used it in a couple of days as when I apply my makeup it starts to look horribly dry and flaky within a few hours. I wouldn’t suggest using the scrub as often for anyone who’s skin isn’t as dry as mine, being of a coarse consistency it could begin to irritate your skin, especially your face.


The biggest improvement I noticed (besides a huge improvement in the dryness of my skin) was a reduction in blind pimples. These are my most dreaded pimples because they are the largest and most painful and leave stubborn red marks. So anything that helps reduce these ranks pretty high in my books! Not only have I found it reduces how many I get, but it also helps to heal them quicker when I do occasionally get one.

Overall I definitely recommend this scrub to everyone. Even if you aren’t prone to pimples or dry skin, it is just a great balancer and instantly leaves your skin feeling softer. Another great advantage is that it doubles as a whole body exfoliate, and retails for a very cheap $15. I am very interested to try out some of their other products to see if they achieve such great results too!

Original Coffee Scrub

Blush Is Back

Blush EditAbout a year ago I raided my grandma’s old coats that she no longer wears and scored myself some amazing vintage pieces. Funnily enough, as someone who isn’t a big fan of pink, I left this amazing blush coat…until I went back at the start of this winter and thought I’d found gold! And this is why you should NEVER underestimate what trends will make you wear and why you should keep those classic, really well made pieces, even when they do go out of style, because they are sure to come back. Continue reading