Drinking in Style at The Collins Bar Fashion Collection Launch

Fashion Collection Cocktails
Fashion Collection Cocktails

Last night I attended the launch of the Collins Bar Fashion Cocktail Collection on behalf of Glam Adelaide. The collection is inspired by some of Adelaide’s finest labels; C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, ACLER, So It Goes (SIG), Cinquante the Label and Paolo Sebastion. The Collins Bar worked hand in hand with the designers of these amazing labels to create their signature cocktails that represent the brand. And we can confirm that fashion and cocktails go extremely well together! But what doesn’t go well with cocktails? Continue reading


Splash of Navy

Navy Leather & White Heels

Even though I’ve said before that my style and wardrobe are almost exclusively monochromatic, I just can’t go past a Tiff Manuell clutch to brighten up and complete my look. And don’t be fooled by the bright summery vibes of the clutches you see on her website, you can still pull them off in winter, especially one of the more subtle ones like this (Yes, you read right! This is one of the more subtle ones – but that’s why they are so great, each is different and unique with one to suit every outfit and season). Continue reading

The Slip Dress

Slip Dress Layering

One bad thing about living in Australia is that our seasons don’t match up with America. Obvious, right? But it means us Aussie girls are trying to keep up with the current trends that we are seeing in America, and they don’t always lend themselves to being warm enough for our winter. Like right now, the slip dress is everywhere (cue daydreaming about Kendall Jenner in that Gold Are You Am I Slip Dress), but I’m not about to bare all in this freezing weather so I’ve been layering it up instead.  Continue reading