Winter Style: Chunky Knits

Winter Style Detail Chunky Knitwear

To me, Winter = Chunky Knitwear. It’s possible you’ve already gathered this from when I raved on about how much I love knit scarves. But I still can’t go past the depth textured knits add to casual winter outfits. Plus, they’re warm. Who doesn’t enjoy being warm? So enter I Love Mr Mittens. The knitwear you NEED in your wardrobe.

Street Style Knitwear

I will admit this knitwear will cost you a pretty penny (I purchased mine in the middle of summer when they had 40% off their winter wool collection – the wait for cold enough weather to wear it was excruciating!). Although I may be coordinated enough with knitting needles to whip up a scarf, I am completely clueless when it comes to actual wearable knitwear that isn’t just one big straight line, so I justified the purchase knowing it was a true investment piece. Knitwear will never go out of style, and you can’t go wrong with such a neutral colour.

I Love Mr Mittens Cardigan


I love styling this oversized boyfriend look cardigan with fine jewellery for a bit of a different contrast. Sometimes, especially in winter, I think I gravitate towards layers and oversized pieces, hiding any extra body cushioning that may have materialised on me (I swear it wasn’t always there…) so wearing a bit of jewellery just brings back some of the feminity to the overall look.

Blossom Bay Jewellery

About 80% of the jewellery I have been wearing in my recent posts is all from @blossombay. They are all very simple yet classic pieces that look great all layered together (On another note, full disclosure that I work for them so I may be a little biased, just maybe). But in all seriousness I wouldn’t wear something I don’t like, so check them out and judge for yourself. There will be a website coming in August!

Winter Street Style

Photos by Declan Robertson

Top: ASOS Swing T-Shirt in Stripe

Cardigan: I Love Mr Mittens

Pants: C/MEO Collective Strange Days Pants (archive, similar here)

Shoes: Nike Air Force One

Jewellery: All jewellery from @blossombay, website coming soon!


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