With a little help from Vida Glow

Vida Glow Marine Collagen

For those who don’t know, Vida Glow is a marine collagen supplement that can be mixed with water or food to provide various benefits to the consumer in regards to skin, hair, nails, muscle recovery.and reductions in the appearance of cellulite. In the simplest terms it achieves this by providing your body with additional collagen, which production of typically declines with age. Sounds too good to be true right? Well maybe not…

I have been taking Vida Glow for almost two months now. I started out taking the original flavour which despite not having much of a flavour, I did not like the taste of at all – to me it tasted like medicine (but I may be picky as many reviews of this product say that it is truly tasteless). On my second month I moved to the Blueberry flavour which I much prefer! I normally drink it mixed with a small amount of water as the flavour is stronger and nicer this way. It also tastes great on yoghurt and fruit with museli.

The quickest and biggest change I noticed since taking Vida Glow is my recovery time from the gym. This change was almost instant and not only sped up my recovery time but also reduced the soreness experienced during this recovery period. As I have been upping my workout schedule lately this was beginning to become an issue as I was sometimes still sore when it came time for my next workout. I can now exercise again the next day without feeling that burn too bad!

The second biggest change I noticed was with my skin. I am not at all saying that it removed all my blemishes and imperfections. Overall it made my skin suppler and any blemishes or outbreaks less severe. But in my books anything that helps clear my skin, even just a little, is completely worth it.

I am yet to notice and huge differences in my hair and nails, but out of everything I understand these would be the slowest gains due to the rate the changes occur at. I think my hair is remaining healthier in between cuts but I will report back once I have been taking it for longer if there were any really noticeable differences.


2 thoughts on “With a little help from Vida Glow

  1. I’m just starting to take collagen to help my skin – but workout recovery is a huge benefit! Looking forward to it πŸ™‚ good post!


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