Splash of Navy

Navy Leather & White Heels

Even though I’ve said before that my style and wardrobe are almost exclusively monochromatic, I just can’t go past a Tiff Manuell clutch to brighten up and complete my look. And don’t be fooled by the bright summery vibes of the clutches you see on her website, you can still pull them off in winter, especially one of the more subtle ones like this (Yes, you read right! This is one of the more subtle ones – but that’s why they are so great, each is different and unique with one to suit every outfit and season).

Wearable Art Tiff Manuell

Whenever I wear one of these statement clutches (It might be….potentially…maybe…possible that I own more than one. Whoops my bank card slipped again!)  I always plan my outfit around the colours of it. My key is keeping everything else pretty simple as to not take away from or clash with the bag. This method actually pushes me to wear or style things I normally wouldn’t, like this amazing black and rose gold jewellery. I’ve always been a silver girl, but rose gold looks so stunning in winter, especially with those fall back, all black outfits you wear when you can’t work out what else to wear (So pretty much what I wear every second day).

Navy & White Winter Outift

Navy Leather & Neck Ties

Styling to this clutch also gave me the chance to whip out my favourite white sandal heels which normally go into hibernation when winter hits. This divide of items that you can and can’t wear in certain seasons truly frustrates me and I have been trying to break it this this winter, all the while still trying to stay warm and season appropriate (these contradictions make it very difficult, but at least I’m trying right?).

Wearable Art Clutch

Top: C/MEO Collective Say it Right LS (archive, similar here & here)

Pants: Premonition Designs Reflection Pant (similar here)

Shoes: ASOS Hocus Heeled Sandal (archive, similar here & here)

Bag: Tiff Manuell Clutch in Apollo Print

Jewellery: All Jewellery is from @blossombay_, website coming soon!


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