Holiday Dreaming…

IMG_3934Now that I’ve saved up and splurged all my money on a new car, I’ve moved on to my next saving goal, Europe. The first time I went to Europe was in 2010; I was 16 on a school trip to Italy. It is probably on par as my favourite overseas holiday (New Zealand has the other half of my heart). We went to Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Although all were great to experience, the best had to be Florence and Venice and I definitely want to go back again – being old enough to consume alcohol will make it an entirely different experience I’m sure.

Some other destinations I would love to visit are Paris, Monaco, Cinque Terre, Sorrento, Malta and the Greek Islands. Β I have been looking at Contiki and Topdeck tours that go to some of these places to try and save where I can. I am leaning towards a Topdeck tour over Contiki as I would be going with my boyfriend and from what I’ve heard the Contiki tours are more for single party animals (this isn’t to say I wouldn’t be consuming a bottle a day average of wine). If anyone has any tour feedback or destination suggestion let me know, my list is just continuing to grow, so why not add some more to it?

So, as soon as I can stop my shopping addiction and save the copious amounts of money required to be able to visit all these destinations, I’ll be on my way!
Until then, more dreaming….
Europe Inspired Flatlay


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