Frank Body Scrub

IMG_3606About 3 months ago I got a sample of Frank Body Scrub from a goodie bag at Aus Fashion Labels Fashion Friday Event. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I thought I’d give the coffee scrub I’d heard so much about a go. And as it turned out, I only have amazing things to say about it.

After about two and half weeks of using the scrub I started to notice a difference in my skin. As I have really dry skin I started out using it almost daily as a replacement for my old face exfoliating scrub, and still use it that often now. I can definitely tell if I haven’t used it in a couple of days as when I apply my makeup it starts to look horribly dry and flaky within a few hours. I wouldn’t suggest using the scrub as often for anyone who’s skin isn’t as dry as mine, being of a coarse consistency it could begin to irritate your skin, especially your face.


The biggest improvement I noticed (besides a huge improvement in the dryness of my skin) was a reduction in blind pimples. These are my most dreaded pimples because they are the largest and most painful and leave stubborn red marks. So anything that helps reduce these ranks pretty high in my books! Not only have I found it reduces how many I get, but it also helps to heal them quicker when I do occasionally get one.

Overall I definitely recommend this scrub to everyone. Even if you aren’t prone to pimples or dry skin, it is just a great balancer and instantly leaves your skin feeling softer. Another great advantage is that it doubles as a whole body exfoliate, and retails for a very cheap $15. I am very interested to try out some of their other products to see if they achieve such great results too!

Original Coffee Scrub


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