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A few weekends ago I travelled on up to Clare Valley for their amazing Gourmet Weekend. It was a great weekend away spent eating and drinking at wineries with to die for panoramic views. 
We started out the first day at O’Leary Walker Wines for breakfast burritos and a sneaky Riesling. The O’Leary Walker ’22 Petals’ Watervale Riesling was actually my favourite Riesling I had over the entire weekend and was extremely easy drinking (a bit of a sweeter wine, but not sickly sweet like a Moscato – considering we were drinking it at 9am it couldn’t be dry!).

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After this we made our way to Annie’s Lane and Paulett Wines, both offering more great wine and food. Although I didn’t actually eat at Paulett they had a great tasting plate with 5 wine tastings and 5 tapas tastings to match for an extremely worthwhile $15. There was also a very entertaining challenge of trying to hit a barrel that was a good few hundred metres away, down a hill, with a golf ball. As you can imagine there was no very little success from all those who attempted the challenge after half a day of wine tasting.

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Next on our wine touring, we headed to Knappstein Winery & Brewery where we played some extremely bad skillful table tennis with the wine makers. There was also some more amazing food here, the satay chicken skewers were mouth watering!

Then after heading off to Stone Bridge Wines for some wood fire pizza to absorb the litres some of the wine we had consumed, we stumbled back to our Airbnb cottage to relax the night away, drinking more wine and eating more food around the campfire!

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And so began day two. We were a little slow on our feet to begin with but after arriving at the beautiful Seven Hill Winery for a hearty bacon and eggs and a morning sparkling (I swear I don’t do it regularly…), we were ready to go again.

Seven Hill had to have the nicest grounds I saw over the whole weekend. It also had the most extensive wine tasting – the way to any girls heart. It was my pick of wineries when it came to red wine, I’m not big on reds yet, but am slowly developing a taste and these were by far the smoothest I tasted.

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Next we were off to Shut The Gate Wines, and it seemed we weren’t the only ones with this idea! This winery, for lack of intelligent words, was going off! The energy here was great with so many people eating, drinking and dancing to the great music. I didn’t get to stay here long but I would definitely go back again.

As a quick pit stop on the way home we ducked into Skillogalee to grab some of their famous Muskat, if you like fortified wines, you will love this one. I guarantee you the hour and a half trip from Adelaide is worth it for this alone.

Overall it was a great weekend and  I highly suggest attending next year!

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