THE Lip Kit


The hype for Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits has been huge, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. She is continuing to sell out in minutes of her new glosses and metals; and with the prospect of an entire cosmetic range, everyone keeps coming back. Given her lips always look perfectly done up, I was curious to test out how she was doing it.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of matte lipsticks. My experience is that it makes my makeup look really bland and flat and is why I usually opt for moisturised look on the lips. Although, this opinion is based back in a time when highlighter and contouring weren’t common practice  for those who suck at doing fancy makeup (aka me) aren’t artists when it comes to makeup. I’ve since found a little highlighter on the cupids bow has helped to lessen this flat look matte lipsticks tend to accentuate.

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From left to right: Candy K, Literally, Heir, Koko K, 22 & Mary Jo K

On my first order I got Candy K and Mary Jo K.
Mary Jo K is the perfect red lipstick colour, not too bright or too dark. Candy K is a slightly pinkish nude colour, however on my fair skin kind of just looks more brown than nude and pink! This prompted me to order Koko K in the hope it would be lighter and pinker than Candy K and wouldn’t make me look so ill with my pale as skin wash me out so much. And it has definitely lived up to this.

I have also since received the Literally Lip Gloss, Heir Matte Metal and 22 Matte Lip Kit. The gloss matches perfectly with the Candy K lip liner and the colour isn’t so harsh on fair skin meaning it is perfect for day to day wear. Heir also matches well with the Candy K liner, and although I could never wear a metallic lipstick out to lunch or to go shopping, it is great for a night out of drinking and dancing for that extra glam look. I am yet to wear 22 anywhere but a quick try on and I absolutely love the colour, orange lipsticks tend to suit me and this one is not too bright that you look like you transported back to high school when everything fluro was cool.


So, my thoughts…The application of the liner is amazing, it slides so easily, but god forbid you make a mistake, this stuff does not shift once applied! Which is obviously a bonus if you are a pro at getting your liner perfect the first time, every time (unlike me). The liquid lipstick goes on extremely smoothly as well but I highly recommend exfoliating your lips really well because if they are dry it just looks horrible.

Once dried, my lips didn’t exactly feel dry, just a little powdery. However I found if you reapply they tend to feel a lot dryer and look it too so I’m avoiding any reapplication from now on. But in saying that there is barely ever a need to reapply. These colours have an incredible staying power. They survived a cinema visit, including popcorn, soft drink, lollies and chocolate, without the colour shifting at all! However with more wear, I have noticed it starts to shift with moist or oilier foods, but that is to be expected.

image2 (1)

Overall I do recommend these lipsticks, they just requires a little more maintenance and care before and during application but the outcome is completely worth it.


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